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Metal Stretcher Leveling Services

Rolled Steel stretcher leveling is a process that stretches material sufficiently to exceed the yield point in all its fibers, equalizing internal trapped stresses. This activity produces flat material even after laser cutting, bending, forming, or subsequent shearing operations. In addition, eliminating post-cutting stress spring back can make additional processes like welding and notching easier. 

Obtain flat, stress-free material for your fabrication processes with stretcher leveling services from Alliance Fabrication and Manufacturing.

Alliance Fabrication and Manufacturing is here to support you and your business every step of the way, from design to delivery. Contact us today for more information. 

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Capabilities and Capacities 

As a member of the Alliance family of companies, we have a RedBud .375" x 75" x 400" stretcher leveling line, capable of handling even the biggest jobs and producing steel that meets your business's needs. 

    Metal Stretcher Leveling Capabilities

    Material Thickness: .040"-.375"
    Max Coil Weight: 80,000lbs
    Max Length: 400"
    Inside Diameter (id) 23" - 27"
    Max Entry: 75"
    Max Skid Weight: 10,000lbs

    Laser Quality Sheets 

    We can perform stretcher leveling on:

    • Hot Rolled Steel
    • Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled Steel
    • Hot Rolled Black
    • Hot Rolled Pickled Dry Steel
    • Cold Rolled Steel
    • Hot Dipped Galvanized
    • Electrogalvanized
    • Galvannealed
    • Galvalume

    Depend on Alliance Fabrication and Manufacturing for your laser-quality steel and stretcher leveling needs. We deliver products that meet customer expectations on time, every time.

      Frequently Asked Questions 

      Stretcher Leveling uses a series of E-Drive Levelers to flatten and reduce the crossbow (curvature) before it continues to the stretcher. At the stretcher, clamps grab 40 feet of material and apply 2 million pounds of force, uniformly stretching the material past its yield point. Stretcher leveling can remove all internal stress, eliminating the risk of post-cutting spring back, unlike temper passing.

      Temper Passing is the process of squeezing out the stress between two rolling pins, leaving the steelwork hardened.

      Temper Passing can't always eliminate internal trapped stress and, if improperly processed, can leave your material "potato chipped" (bowed), leaving you with material that cannot be fabricated. 

      We are excited to offer our customers the ability to achieve laser flat sheets with Alliance quality and service behind it.

      Applications requiring sheet metal cut to strict dimensional tolerances or with small heat-affected zones for future processes can benefit from Alliance Fabrication and Manufacturing's sheet metal laser cutting services. 

      Our state-of-the-art laser systems enable us to cut material thicknesses ranging from .0299" – 1.00”. In addition, our fiber lasers deliver a minimal cutting kerf, thus maximizing cutting precision and accuracy. The result is that each laser provides enhanced cut quality and efficiency while providing a tight tolerance product.


      • 60" x 120" Sheet Capacity
      • .0299" - 1.00" Mild steel
      • Assisted Gases: Nitrogen, Oxygen, Mix  

      Alliance Fabrication and Manufacturing support various industries across many sectors. The precise and repeatable tolerances provided by laser cutting can benefit these industries: 

      • Agriculture
      • Appliance
      • Heavy Construction
      • Material Handling and Conyvers
      • Power Generation
      • Over the Road Trucking and Transportation 
      • Waste and Recycling 

      Manufacturing Services

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