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Galvannealed Steel Fabrication Services

Galvannealed steel is carbon steel coated with zinc using a hot-dipped process. The steel is then annealed, which converts the zinc into a zinc-alloy coating that offers increased corrosion and scratch resistance.

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What is Galvannealed Steel? 

Avoid painted metal degradation with resilient galvannealed steel sheet and coil products from the Alliance Family of Companies.

Galvanneal steel is galvanized steel that is put through a second process. The steel is heated in an annealing oven to 1050 degrees F. As a result, some iron is drawn into the outermost layer of the steel, creating a zinc-iron alloy.

Through this secondary process, the material gains strength, becoming less susceptible to damage and more paintable. 

Advantages to Galvannealed Steel

Three main advantages of using Galvannealed Steel are:

  • Rust protection
  • Easily Painted
  • Increased resistance to scratching and other types of coating damage 


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Galvannealed Steel Applications

When combined with primer and paint, galvannealed steel offers enhanced corrosion protection and excellent resistance to paint peeling and blistering.

Products manufactured using galvannealed steel include:

  • Vehicle Components
  • Household Appliances
  • Exterior Building Features such as Roof Decking, Partitions, Covers and Cabinets

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The Alliance family of companies offers a wide range of coil processing, fabrication, and manufacturing services. 

These state-of-the-art services include:

  • Manual and Robotic Welding 
  • Laser Cutting
  • Metal Forming and Bending
  • Stretcher Leveling
  • Coil Slitting
  • Multi Blanking and Cut to Length 
  • Logistics
  • Toll Processing

Alliance repeatedly meets industry standards and customer requirements by setting the bar high. As an ISO 9001:2015 company, Alliance pride's itself on creating strong partnerships by providing the right product on time and at a competitive price.

Our Quality Equipment Includes:

  • High QA Integrated Manufacturing Quality Management Software 
  • Leica Absolute Tracker – AT960 with T- Probe and Laser Scanner
  • Measuring Instruments – Depth Gauges, Calipers, Height Gauges, Squares, Protractors, and Micrometers 

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